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All IP and cheaper than 2x 2008 Mobile for Free

We talk more and more Free Mobile, the network open to - according to the company - in 2012. And two interesting facts have come.

The first is that Free has filed a catalog of The Phone House taking up the offers of different operators to show that Free price goes divide by two. Since the statement of 2008, is a catalog of that year was chosen: it is hoped the price two times lower (at worst) that 3 years ago, knowing that packages "2011" are a bit cheaper than in 2008 at SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom.

The second is that Free will switch to "all IP" for its mobile network. It's an interesting announcement, in the sense that will surely provide Free access to VoIP offerings, at least on compatible phones, as a smartphone is now necessary. One can only hope that will install the Free Classical VoIP between base stations and the rest of the network, which is convenient for easy integration of the mobile network in the fixed network at the operator. For the general public, the interest is quite low: the voice transmission between the phone and the base station is currently not possible in VoIP, even in 3G telephony is not strictly speaking of VoIP . The last time we talked with operators, they quoted that the voice was about half of the bandwidth available on phone networks, if the proposed Free VoIP, it should be possible to significantly reduce the ratio and thus provide more bandwidth for data, while retaining the ability to use conventional technology to make calls.

Remains to be seen how the roaming agreements are managed: Free could also simply leave the party votes on the Orange 2G network, without offering access "data" on it, and focus on a 3G network without party votes.

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