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A.L.P. Lighting Components, Inc

A.L.P. Lighting Components, Inc., is a leading global manufacturer of lighting components, offering a diverse line of products for lighting OEMs and the aftermarket. From fluorescent to HID to LED applications, A.L.P. offers the industry\'s most comprehensive line of lenses, vapor-proof enclosures, unwired fixture bodies, louvers and baffles, reflectors, and extruded sheet products.... More
Category : Lamps, Lights & Indicators Country : United States

A.P.I. Electronics, Inc

The API Electronics brand offers fully-integrated design, development, production, testing, and value-added capabilities for mission-critical electrical components and systems. As a preferred supplier to the government, aerospace, medical, telecomm, industrial and commercial industries, API Electronics offers power transistors, small signal transistors, rectifiers, tuning diodes, hybrid circuits, resistor/capacitor networks, diodes, and other critical elements that enable key technology systems to function.... More
Category : Data Acquisition System Components Country : United States

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A.Uvitech - RF & Microwave solutions

A.Uvitech offers solutions spanning the DC to 18 GHz frequency bands. Vastly experience in both the defense and commercial markets, paired with the wide variaty of solution classes - from custom filters to complete system turn-key projects - makes A.Uvitech the right solution. Develops and manufactures RF and microwave sub-systems, components and test equipment. Target applications include electronic warfare (EW), radar systems and commercial telecommunications. ... More
Category : RF/Microwave Components Country : Isle of Man


AAC Inc is a manufacturer RF Microwave Components. Manufacture and design custom RF components, resistors, 3-Axis accelerometer, and temperature sensor.... More
Category : RF/Microwave Components Country : United States

ABB Automation Inc

ABB Automation is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 130,000 people. Power Products are the key components to transmit and distribute electricity. The division incorporates ABB\'s manufacturing network for transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, and cables and associated equipment. It also offers all the services needed to ensure products\' performance and extend their lifespan.... More
Category : Test & Measurement Equipment & Accessories Country : United States

Abbatron Electronic Components

Abbatron Premier supplier of Electronic Components,Hardware, Test Accessories, RF Connectors and Cable Assemblies, High Performance Audio Connectors and Cable Assemblies!... More
Category : RF/Microwave Components Country : United States

Accel Lahabra

Accel La Habra is a machine shop focusing on tight tolerance work in CNC milling and Davenport Screw Machine. Southern California Quality reputation for over fifty years Sales throughout North America Willingness to prototype Our stand alone building in Brea provides the flexibility in available equipment and a large array of metal stock. Accel - Heat Sinks Custom heat sinks and aluminum extrusion production since the 1950\'s. Our focus has always been to provide superior customer service in the small... More
Category : Cooling Products & Thermal Management Country : United States

ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Founded in 1987 in San Diego, CA, ACCES (Acquisition Control Communication Engineering/Systems) supplies an extensive range of data acquisition (DAQ) products and solutions. These products include analog input, analog output, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. ACCES also offers complete systems, integration services and enclosures with a quick turn around on custom projects, including software. Our products are designed for use with PC/104, PCI, PCI Express, Pico-ITXe, Pico-I/O, ETX, EBX, EPIC, USB, USB/104, USB/PICO, Ethernet, and ISA,as... More
Category : Front Panel Components & PC Boards Country : United States

ACR Systems Inc.

Albert C. Rock ACR Systems Inc. has come a long way since we started designing and building data loggers in 1986. However the fundamental principles we learned — customer focus and dedication to quality — made it possible for ACR Systems to become one of the world\'s leading suppliers of data loggers. Today, ACR data loggers are self-powered, pocket-sized instruments that measure and record temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and more. Our customers... More
Category : Sensors, Transducers & Audio Components Country : Canada

Acromag, Inc.

Acromag – The Industrial I/O Leader Acromag is a multi-million dollar international corporation that combines more than 50 years of process monitoring and control experience with a solid background in high-tech computer design. Established in 1957, Acromag built its reputation designing critical measurement instrumentation equipment for the petrochemical and aerospace industries. Acromag, Inc. was soon recognized internationally as a leading designer of analog and digital control products for the industrial I/O market. Today, Acromag\'s product line encompasses a wide variety... More
Category : Circuit Protection Components Country : United States

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