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A.P.I. Electronics, Inc

The API Electronics brand offers fully-integrated design, development, production, testing, and value-added capabilities for mission-critical electrical components and systems. As a preferred supplier to the government, aerospace, medical, telecomm, industrial and commercial industries, API Electronics offers power transistors, small signal transistors, rectifiers, tuning diodes, hybrid circuits, resistor/capacitor networks, diodes, and other critical elements that enable key technology systems to function.... More
Category : Data Acquisition System Components Country : United States

ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp

ABC concentrates on the research, development, and production of Inductors for the global market.Create and develop a world-class inductor industry based on innovation, practical management, and continuous development.... More
Category : Passive Components Country : United States

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Acutechnology Semiconductor, specializing in power management technologies, is focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing semiconductor products for industrial and consumer markets. Our core products are specialized devices addressing requirements in power management applications Acutechnology has developed a range of patented technologies. Our Orthophase™ inductor technology is being exploited through the development of our very high frequency switching regulator chips. The QuikLDO™, and the AcuRef™ technologies are being developed into innovative new linear regulator products. These new products will allow our... More
Category : Batteries Country : United States

ADI Electronics Inc. - Manufacturing Div.

ADI Electronics is an industry leader with over 14 years of success as a D-Subminiature manufacturer and engineering development partner, holding significant expertise in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. We\'ve become the supplier of choice among numerous aerospace, avionics, defense and industrial customers by offering the highest quality, cost competitive D-sub connector solutions with a full range of customized design, manufacturing, and testing services. We deliver quality, in products and services that address the unique requirements of modern electronic systems.... More
Category : Connectors & Sockets Country : United States

Aerovox Inc.

Aerovox is a leading manufacturer of capacitors for industrial, medical and specialized applications. Our extensive custom design and development capabilities coupled with broad, standardized product offerings allow us to provide intelligent capacitor solutions that meet your application requirements. State-of-the-Art Design, Manufacturing & Testing Aerovox world-class facilities in New Bedford, Massachusetts operate using Lean Six Sigma manufacturing processes with a comprehensive ISO 9001-certified quality management system. Our centralized facility includes R&D, dielectric development, product design, test labs, automated manufacturing, warehousing and... More
Category : Circuit Protection Components Country : United States

Ajax Magnethermic Corp.

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic has worldwide operations in nine countries. In North America, we have manufacturing facilities in two major locations as well as eight regional service centers. Ajax TOCCO is one of the few induction equipment manufacturers that maintains a full-time research and development program. We design and build all of our power supplies and as a result, are able to supply our customers with the latest technology available. Our 600 domestic and international employees give us the ability to... More
Category : Coils, Inductors & Magnetics Country : United States

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor is committed to excellence in design, manufacturing, and responsiveness to our customers through the continued development of new technologies, products and innovative solutions. We bring to the market devices designed to benefit our customers by meeting their product specific needs. Our mission is to bring value to our customers, shareholders and employees. We pride ourselves in our expertise in all areas of power semiconductor technology and business operations. We install proprietary wafer processing and packaging technologies... More
Category : Integrated Circuits Country : United States

Alpha Technologies Inc.

THE ALPHA GROUP The Alpha Group represents an alliance of independent companies united by a common goal: the development and manufacture of total power solutions. Through innovative engineering and a commitment to excellence, The Alpha Group has established itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of AC and DC power conversion, protection, and standby products for the global market. The sophistication of today\'s world has created a demand for reliable power more critical than ever before. With... More
Category : Circuit Protection Components Country : United States

American Bright Optoelectronics Corp.

For over two decades, Bright LED has become one of the world’s leading LED suppliers seeking unusual quality and service. In 1995, Bright established American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation in Southern California to create a qualified, responsive source to the rapidly growing market for LED’s in the Americas. With the same philosophy that Bright has continually invested in the expansion of their research and development, manufacturing and customer service capabilities, American Bright is capable of responding to the needs of the... More
Category : Displays Country : United States

American Ultraviolet

For the best source of UV, it’s hard to beat the sun. However, for the best source of standard and custom UV curing systems, no one outshines American Ultraviolet. There’s a few simple reason for our leadership. American Ultraviolet has focused exclusively on ultraviolet curing since 1960. We’ve invested in the research and development necessary to stay at the forefront of the industry. We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. And we back each and every UV curing... More
Category : Lamps, Lights & Indicators Country : United States

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