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15,000 rpm drives in 2.5-inch Toshiba

Toshiba, the smallest players in the world of hard drives, introduces a new professional range, the MK01GRRB / R. There are four models (MK1401GRRB, MK1401GRRR, MK3001GRRB, MK3001GRRR) hard drives, all running at 15,000 rpm. Hard drives are formatted SFF (Small Form Factor) or 2.5-inch hard drives with a thickness of 15 mm instead of 7 mm, 9.5 mm or 12.5 mm models for the general public. The interface is chosen SAS 6 gigabits / s and the cache is 32... More
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4G: 800 MHz Mobile escapes Free

ARCEP - the telecom authority - has announced the auction results on licensing for low-frequency mobile fourth generation (4G). Located on the 800 MHz band, the frequency "gold" (due to their rarity) were eventually attributed to SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom. Four blocks, three winners SFR wins are two blocks of 5 MHz duplex (10 MHz in total), with the obligation to host MVNOs, all for a bid of 1.065 billion euros. For its part, Orange is given a block... More
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A 1.5 GHz OMAP4 ... for professionals

If OMAP4 ARM processors at 1.5 GHz (OMAP 4460) are not yet available in mass - the Archos waiting for his tablets - it is still possible to obtain maps based on this chip. And Variscite, a company specializing in the cards for the embedded world, proposes in a. Based on an OMAP 4460, it proposes two Cortex A9 cores up to 1.5 GHz and a PowerVR SGX540 GPU clocked at 384 MHz (slightly more than the OMAP 4430 limited... More
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A 4G LTE Femtocell at Freescale

Freescale, a specialist in network and embedded, has announced the first LTE femtocell. Powered by a chip QorIQ Qonverge PSC9132 (PowerPC-based), the ip.access femtocell professional E-100 is able to provide a 3G network to 42 megabits / sec and an LTE (4G) to 150 megabits / sec for different users . The device will be showcased in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress and we will try to test it to see if it keeps its promises. Note however a defect... More
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AMD hired a former Apple

AMD has announced the arrival of Mark Papermaster the position of technical director of the company. It has the difficult task of leading the technology and engineering division of the company. It will therefore be central to the design of future micro-architectures of the company. Mr. processor Mark Papermaster is first known to have worked at IBM for 26 years. He acquired during this period considerable expertise on microprocessors. He worked on the POWER architecture and has built a solid... More
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Business and Business leadership: APath of Optimism

Business is unpredictable. Anything is possible in business; it is only a question of time and circumstance. This can help to achieve great milestones. Leadership skill is a prerequisite because It is a driving force that instigates people to achieve great height and excel in their line. It requires no specific qualification; however it’s only the skill and attitude that matter more than anything else. The Traits Great business icons and corporate leaders, who have led the world, stand as... More
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Dell withdrew from the entry level

Dell has decided to greatly reduce its presence at CES after admitting to hint at a conference organized by Credit Suisse that it was withdrawing from the consumer PC market entry level. The new strategy required The ESC, located in Las Vegas, is the great mass of consumer electronics and Dell has always been one of the major exhibitors usually covering a floor of The Palms while holding press conferences in the Convention Center which runs the show. This year,... More
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Elpida and Nanya will they bring?

If you believe the newspaper Nikkei Business Daily, Japanese manufacturer Elpida Memory and Taiwanese rival Nanya currently considering a strategic alliance. Struggling with Micron for third in the world (with 12.1% market share) of a highly competitive market, Elpida is currently far behind Samsung (45%) and Hynix (21.5%). Reconciled with Nanya, perhaps as a joint venture with reorganization and transfer of production to Taiwan, could enable it to win market share, or at least clean up its accounts. Nearly $... More
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Free disengages does fiber optics?

Free disengages does fiber optics? This appears to highlight a simple fact: 62% of homes where Free had to install the fiber are not equipped after six months and the operator is pulling a lot of them. In fact, it essentially concerns of economics: Free fiberized had agreed to a lot of buildings at some point the law does not permit sharing of effective infrastructure. Specifically, the fiber Free promised to many people to avoid being excluded from a promising... More
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Free Mobile antenna and its Freebox [Update x2]

Les Echos today published an amazing photo: an installation connected to a Mobile Free Freebox V5, at least that\'s what the picture shows. While some suspect an assembly, this picture overlaps some information appeared a few months ago: Free Mobile use links " brass " to connect the antenna to the network. If the image shows a Freebox V5, the device would obviously not the same as still present in some salons. Free will actually use SDSL links to transfer... More
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